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Which Motherboard is better Micro Atx or Full ATX Board i mean performance wise ?
I have intel unbranded Motherboards & some old dell Vostro 220 Motherboards. I am confused about dell made by Foxconn but they have business series boards they are so cheap but are in better conditions so i go for new intel unbranded or used dell optiplex755 , vostro 220 , hp 7900 etc

My need is gaming borad with DDR3 1333 bus, I have Processor 2.66 6MB 1333 FSB

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  1. Between micro atx and full atx, performance is same, but feature is not same. Full atx has more ram slot and has sli/crossfire option. Thats why full atx is better for gaming. With less feature, micro atx has same performance level as full ATX.
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