A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing

Crosshair Formula IV
Radeon 6970 HD
Hitachi SATA 3 2tb
AMD Phenom II Black Edition
Piondeer DVR-S19MBK
Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 700w (Model: RS-700-PCAA-E3)

After finally putting my home built computer together and having it successfully post(or so I believe), I try to install Windows 7. During it's installation, we encounter the message mentioned in the title. What exactly is the issue here and how to I fix it?
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  1. I guess I'll just bump this real quick.

    As far as I can assume, the system is have difficulty locating the device driver. Due to the fact that Windows 7 installation IS running, the DVR works fine, I believe. The hard drive is also secure in place.
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