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Lost bios password

When I start my notebook it says password check fail. I lost my password so is there anyway to reset it or bypass the password? The notebook is an acer aspire one 722
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  1. Sorry we do not help with passwords here because we do not reward theives. Return it to the rightful owner or the police. Get a job and do not steal.
  2. not A thief and I have a Job. The notebook was given to me and the password, but I wanted to clear it so when I went into setup instead of entering a new password I just hit enter. now it wont let me in at all
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    It is a general forum policy against answering questions(and even asking maybe) of password recovery. This is a just in case measure.

    Best bet is to contact Acer( about this because I do not think you will be able to get too much help for that here.

    I think the above poster was a bit harsh after all mistakes do happen. I could see a inexperienced user locking them self out.

    Sorry to not have the answer you need.
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  5. Sorry, Tom's Hardware forum doesn't provide any guide to bypass password protection.

    We cannot verify if you are the legit owner.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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