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my motherboard was worked without any problem till i press reset button on the board. after that key board is not functioning. i can;t use the board now. please help me on this
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  1. Is your keyboard is usb? If yes, then enable usb support for keyboard from bios. Default value is disable. Resetting undo default setting.
  2. i tried using both, usb and ps2 but did not work. cant go to the bios settig as well coz key board is not functioning. all this happened after i press that reset button on the board.
  3. Try removing mobo battery for 1 min and install it again.
  4. no that didn't work i jst removed the power supply cable and cleared the whole board as well. i think i got 1 last chance that is updating the bios by a pen drive. if that would
    not work i'm in a big trouble.
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