New system: "false power up" and no display

Hi guys --

So I've just "finished" my first build. It's almost there...I got to the bios screen once. Temps were all good. Read my mouse and keyboard. etc.

However, that was the exception. Most of the time my system does the following:

1. Powers up (no display), powers down in about 5 seconds, and powers back up (for good). However, there is still no display.

2. GP Diagnosis card is showing error 45. That is not listed in the booklet, and even if it were, the booklet isn't very descriptive. Edit: now it's error 38.

Using an ASUS p8p67 ws revolution mobo.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!
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  1. check all power connections to main parts...especially your 20+4 connector to MOBO and your connector to GPU...check gpu especially since you have no display...whats your video card and psu?
  2. HD 6990

    PSU = Coolermaster Silent M 1000w.
  3. k...that b a mighty psu for that card...I wld check card cause it sounds like that be the root cause
  4. Everything *seems* to be connected.

    I will say, however, that there is a pair of wires coming from the PSU that are not plugged into anything. They look just like the CPU 4+4 but I already have a pair of CPU 4+4 plugged in. There doesn't seem to be anywhere for these to go.
  5. also...check display adapter...make sure its snug, not damaged and screwed in good
  6. gpu fan is running correct?
  7. GPU is on water. Powercolor with the pre-attached waterblock.

    Can gpu be fried if it previously successfully sent a signal to the monitor? (wasn't working, worked once, stopped working).

    I literally can't push the 20+4 pin anymore, though it's not that hard to pull out.

    Tried RAM in various configurations.
  8. yes it can fry after one go and then quit...heard of that a few times b4...if you have a nother sys you can test it in I wld remove the block and try it just to make sure its sounds like ur gpu is the prob right now but I cld b wrong
  9. only other options are to go over all directions in MOBO instruction manual...make sure you have gpu in right pci-e slot for one card config and make sure ram is in right slots...if computer is starting up and the only issue seems to be the monitor not coming up the its ur gpu or the monitor/ ur hardrive powering up?
  10. Would GPU explain the false power up?
  11. no that wld be a whole other issue...its a issue with ram timings and sandybridge processors...mine still does wont cause issues at least not for me so far but there is a fix if you search forums or online...i dont have that info w me at the moment
  12. Did you use mobo standoffs when installing the mobo?
  13. I kinda hoping others are giving this a looksy as well on here...dat be my limited knowledge bro...good luck and if you gotta repost bout the false start I wld reccomend...might b causing ur issues...just repost under dif topic and say that prob along with display...:)
  14. Thanks, darkside.

    I really hope it's not the GPU. It took me forever to finally get my WC setup put together, so for the GPU to be f'd up (meaning I have to take it apart)...I'd be a bit POd.
  15. FWIW, the false start seems to be caused due to an f'd up wire in the power supply. The green, I think. Using paperclips, it doesn't do the false boot.
  16. Would it make sense for the power supply to be messed up (green wire is really odd looking and flimsy), so whenever it gets to the point where things ramp up, the computer shuts down because of the faulty connection?

    I only ask because the GP Diagnostic card shuffles through the codes, then when it stops on 00, it quickly shows FF and the power shuts down. Never before that -- always at that exact same point.
  17. So I've managed to get windows up and running on the machine (posting from it now).

    Still has two major problems, though:

    Whenever I try and restart or shut down my comp (and turn it back on), I have to reset the CMOS before it will let me power back up. Otherwise, I hit power, it cycles through the numbers on the diagnosis things, and then shuts off. Once I reset CMOS, it works like a charm. I've updated the BIOS to 1302 (from 1202) through the ASUS utility, but no luck.

    Why is this a problem? Besides being annoying, it renders me unable to edit the bios since nothing saves when I hit "save and reset," since resetting the CMOS clears what I was just trying to save. This includes turning off the things that supposedly cause the double post issue, as well as, more significantly, boot order (as it stands, my system insists on booting to the bios every time, rather than right into windows).

    The other problem is the system not letting me use my second 4gb stick of G.SKILL Sniper Ram. One stick works fine, but once I put in 2, the boot process hangs up with error code 45 or 38.

    Any solutions? It's a bit ridiculous and extraordinarily frustrating.
  18. holy boleys...what OP sys are you using???
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