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I will be playing world of warcraft over the summer and desperately need a graphics card upgrade. Just traded a game for a 380 watts psu antec earthwatts psu. I will be playing on a 1440x900 monitor. I currently have a gt220 on a 200 watts psu which gives me about 50 fps on low-medium settings. The card or psu is kind of loud though which means im barely able to run the card. Which card would be the best for me? Thanks in advance!

My computer specs-
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  1. I would get a GT 240 or maybe an HD 5670 unless you plan on upgrading the rest of your system soon. Your processor is too slow to take advantage of anything more powerful and either would be a large step up from a 220.
  2. ^would it be able to handle a 5770? or would the performance won't even matter because of the cpu?
  3. any other suggestions?????
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