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I've read a thread on Win7 and WEI graphics here, and I am trying to understand some peculiarities on a Gateway laptop:

I realize WEI is not effective benchmarking, but it is normally consistent to the same machine, within reason. The result I am getting for Aero graphics is not reasonable, however, and I am trying to figure out what it means. I am wondering if there is actually something wrong with one of the machines.

We have a Gateway LT31 and just bought another one. The LT3103u machine has a single core AMD L110 processor, and is running Vista 32-bit.

The second, LT3120u machine is essentially identical except for the dual core AMD L310 processor, and is running Win 7 64-bit. Both have ATI x1270 embedded graphics. Here's the catch: The older Vista machine registers 4.4 on Aero graphics. The new Win 7 machine registers 2.5. These are dramatically different numbers for the same graphics engine--and in the wrong direction if the processor makes any difference.

The dual core L310 processor itself registers 3.8 vs. 2.6 for the LT110 on processor section of WEI. Sisoft Sandra shows a more significant difference between the two processors, double or nearly so in some standard benchmarks. But I could not see much difference nor adequate information when I tried using Sandra to benchmark the GPU. One thing I need is a benchmark program that will give me accurate readings on the GPU.

At first I thought that there was something wrong with the GPU on the L310 machine, because the only one I had seen before was the one registering 4.4--but then I thought maybe something is screwed up on the L110 machine, because that number actually seems unrealistic. For example, this old review shows an image with Aero graphics @ 2.9:

Why should this particular machine register 4.4? Is its graphics engine on speed? 3D graphics show up about the same on both. The L110 machine has also shown intermittent problems, so I am wondering now if there is some hardware issue that produces this number. But the Aero number of the L310 machine also seems a bit low. I'm mystified.

Any ideas out there? Thanks for any useful replies.

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    I think the only way you can do a comparison is if both machines are running the same OS. Otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges which does not work. It is possible that Win 7 has a different approach to determining performance and this has to be ruled out.
  2. The scales are completely different between Vista and 7. They are not to be compared with each other.
  3. shadamus said:
    The scales are completely different between Vista and 7. They are not to be compared with each other.

    Okay, I may try installing another drive in one of the machines and install another OS. That will be a lot of work. But I notice that at least one, and possibly others who have reported on the LT3103u machine with Vista have recorded around 2.8 graphics, rather than my 4.4. Seems pretty odd!

    Thanks for the quick replies so far. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has access to the LT3101u. It comes with Vista Basic installed.

  4. I just wanted to post back to say that Wamphryi and Shadamus were completely right. By installing a copy of Win 7 on the single core machine (the one that had scored unreasonably high on Aero graphics in Vista), the WEI scores were much more what one would expect. The Graphics registered as 2.3 intead of the 4.4 that was previously showing under Vista on the LT3103u machine. This is slightly less than the number for Graphics in Win 7 on the dual processor machine.

    However, there is still a question of how it recorded a figure as high as 4.4 for Graphics in Vista, when other reports have been around 2.8 on the same machine. This may--oddly--have something to do with problems this netbook has consistently given me, which may be extreme even for Vista and was not reported by others with same netbook. There were sometimes crashes but more often long hourglass periods, I am now thinking I may have had a problem install of Vista, and possibly a bad install disk with file errors on it (because it kept happening even after a reinstall) which were not bad enough to stop Vista from running, but perhaps it made graphics processing wonky enough to produce this odd WEI distortion that made the number for Aero look really great. This was a peculiar and confusing situation, so it was hard to figure out what was going on.

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