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Which card for me: GTX 560-TI Asus vs MSI.

I've been going back and forth for a week and originally had the EVGA in the mix as well, but have decided I would prefer a cooler card as I have adequate air flow in my case and will be overclocking as the need arises.
EVGA has lifetime warranty but as a reference design runs very hot, which worries me for overclocking and just basic use in a hot environment. I haven't read many negative personal reviews, so it's tempting to simply put my money on EVGA and hope for the best.
MSI has fantastic cooling and OC's well but I have read MANY personal reviews that say the card begins to artifact after a few weeks. I know RMA is always a solution but it just has me worried about the quality of the card.
ASUS seems like a very solid purchase, and I'm leaning this way for now. Nice cooling (not as much as MSI) and with the new BIOS update for the fan I've read that it's nice and quiet, on par with the MSI card. I tend to prefer ASUS but the card itself is a bit more than the MSI and EVGA versions.

I plan to play 1080p at high to ultra settings. The most taxing game I own currently is BFBC2. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Relevant Info:
Asus M4A78LT-M LE
Antec EarthWatts Green 650w PSU
AMD Phenom II X4 925 @ 3.2ghz (OC'd)

Edit: My budget is roughly ~$250 US before MIR and as close to $200 as possible after MIR
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  1. I went MSI for the cooling. No problems with mine for a few months now. I do agree that EVGA runs super hot and that kept me away from them this time around. I do have other EVGA cards and I love their warranties. Don't know of the Asus. They are a solid company but I felt the MSI received better reviews.
  2. Dont own the card
    but I went with MSI recently due to cooling and high grade military parts
    the solid caps and military grade chokes and MSI reputation is outstanding

    With that said I have read many great reviews of Asus DirectCU cooling
    and their cards
    If I would have had the choice between the both of them
    then I would go with the lower price.
  3. Currently the MSI is $10 less after MIR so I suppose I'll give it another day's thought before purchasing. I'd still love to hear from some Asus owners before I decide.
  4. The choice between MSI and Asus is a tough one
    Both are great companies

    I just went though the choice of Sapphire and MSI and picked MSI

    I do have a Asus Xonar DG sound card and am very happy with that so far (six months)
  5. Asus ENGTX 560 TI DCUII TOP 1GB went open box this morning at and I scooped it up for $188 US. Future SLI possible at a super low price if I keep checking open box prices. A few MSI cards were available as open box this past week but I missed them all by minutes, and since this was the card I was leaning toward anyway I'm very happy with this deal.

    I plan to update this thread in the near future in case anyone else has the same question as me.

    Here's hoping for the best with my open box purchase!
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    Hopefully somebody didnt have the PSU to run the card or something like that
    The Asus is a great way to go
    If they would of made a Asus DCU HD 5670 that wouldve worked in my tower
    that is what I wouldve bought
    But I am happy with my MSI
    Really cant go wrong picking between MSI and Asus LOL
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  8. I received the card and have had it in and testing in games for one day now. At first it ran poorly and hit 80c, which really surprised me.

    I rebooted my PC and after a few hours of playing I now max out at 68c. The fans are super loud up over 50% but the auto fan control maxes out at 44% which is quiet.

    I did try out a custom fan setting to have it auto boost up to 60% once I reached 70c and 80% once I hit 80c but I never got back up to those points.

    All in all I'm satisfied so far. I have a small case so the extra heat was expected.
  9. My MSI HD 5670 maxes at 74c under 30 minutes of Furmark stress test in a 75F (24c) room

    while gaming I will hit about 68-70c
    so for a pretty powerful card those temps seem really good
    some guys will take off the heatsink and use a good aftermarket paste
    instead of the stock paste
    can drop a few C off your max
    good if you heavily OC the card
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