Is this a good build?

can this play bfbc2 and mw2?

i already have an hdd

case and psu from coolermaster-



graphics card-

OR should i spend the extra 30 bucks and get this?-

dvd drive already own

ram- 3.5 gigs ddr2 667 MHz

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    I'll just say *ew* to that processor.

    for the same price you can have an Athlon II X3 445 ($74.99 free shipping), that might unlock to a quad but is still better than the first gen phenom as a 3-core.

    how is that 3.5 GB of DDR2 created. If its not in sets of dual channel, it'll e awful

    You're probly better off getting the am3+ ready Asus or Gigabyte 760 boards (both $59.99), just a little bit more than the am2+ board you are looking at, and then $25 for a dual channel 4 GB set of sticks.

    as for the vid card, get the 6770.

    your case is OK, at best.

    for comparison: a Rosewill Blackbone is $37.99 right now wiuth promo code, and a Xigmatek 80+ Bronze 400 W psu is $34.95, a more efficient and higher quality psu than the 460W coolermaster, with more amps on the 12v lines (a max 32a compared to 27a for the coolermaster), for $3 more
  2. ^+1

    What's your budget? Please fill this out.
    Otherwise, I have a few budget presets in my siggy.
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