Looking for Suggestions on a Hd Tv as a Monitor

Hi, im giving away my old monitor to my brother so in return im looking for a HDTV which will be used as a monitor for my computer plus watching tv would be a great add. So what im looking for is one that can handle my needs which are online gaming(Fps, Real-time displays) and visibility issues/pixel performance(Like overstretch of pictures etc.). For my graphics card i will make sure it will not bottleneck the Display's performance

A General Layout of the spec im looking for:
HDMI + DVI output, 1080p(Or 720p?, which would be best for view? so i could real texts, The monitor will be about 2-4feet away)
Price range should not be too overboard, but options are great
Do not need built-in speakers

OR should i get a HD Monitor to be also used as a tv also via tuner
Whichever is better

Thank you for your time
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  1. Hi chehSun

    If you're not worried about any input lag in your games then go for an lcd, smaller size/cheaper would be the only reason you'd get one.

    But if you want a superb picture and instant responses in your gaming then I would advise you to get Panasonic Viera 42" plasma, i think they’re the smallest size they come in. I bought mine for $900

    I’m sitting in front of one right now only 3 feet away and i assure you i see no pixels being so close. Very good tv to use as a monitor @ 1080p. Also easy to read too, noworries there.

    Before buying the Viera, I bought a Samsung 38" lcd 100hz thinking that was big enough. Didn’t bother with plasmas because they don’t come in that size. Trackmania, a racing game I play I noticed a horrible lag, like you’re driving in water. Even with all the filters turned off, it didnt help. So I tried the game on the 50" Panasonic Viera plasma in the lounge, straight away i noticed the instant feel I was used too. So the lcd ended up on top of the fridge in the kitchen and bought an 42" Panasonic Viera plasma for the computer, i was kicking my self for not buying the latter in the first place... Its a good size, very enjoyable playing games and also watching tv of course :)

    I'm happy with it.

    Also forgot to mention the tv comes with an option in its own menus for overscan/underscan. Windows 7 for me knows the tv name and has a full picture with the correct bordering when using either hdmi or hdmi to dvi converter cable.
  2. Those sizes are too big, im looking for something to be able to put on my workstation table.
  3. remember panasonic are the best on the market for picture quality not sound so ideal for you if you only need picture and not sound. :)
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