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Hello there. I have been trying to connect to the HP home server that my brother set up a while ago. It was working just fine a few days ago, and I don't know what settings I need to change for it to appear again. This is obviously on a private network, and we are all connected to the same router. My brothers can get into it, and it also shows up on the family computer and can be accessed. The server shows up under Media Devices and Other Devices, but not as a Computer drive like it used to be. I tried typing the address in like I had to before, and it keeps shooting an error at me, "Windows cannot access (server)". I tried to diagnose it, but it can't find any solutions.

I don't know if it's an issue with my firewall or my Webroot Internet Security problem. I am running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. As I said, my brothers have no problem getting on there, and they can see it on their Network places. Any help would be most appreciative!
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  1. Try turning off your firewall(s) and try again.
  2. I turned off all my firewalls. I can see my brother's computer and mine on there, but not the server. I even completely shut off Webroot.
  3. Try Windows Search, Computers and People
  4. I am unsure of what exactly that means. Do you mean search in the Start menu? Because I addressed what it looks like under "Network" in my first post.
  5. Oh, by the way, I appreciate the help! This has just been one major headache!
  6. There's an option in Windows Search called Computers and People. Otherwise run My Network Places and Add New Network Place -- but make sure you know the Server's proper name before starting.
  7. I'm using Windows 7. I think the things you are talking about are on either XP or Vista because I don't believe this OS has those names. :)

    Anyway, I tried doing "Add A Device" and it didn't show up. It also didn't work under "Windows Home Server Connector" because the server didn't appear. I even turned off and on the server (much to my brothers' chagrin). I find it really strange it would show up under the Other Devices and Media Devices, but not computer. This is becoming quite the headache!
  8. I'm afraid I'm a sad old XP person. But if you've used XP you'll probably figure out the alternatives in 7.

    I think I would just delete the problem connection and start again.
  9. I know I'm sounding very self-serving, but how exactly would I go about deleting the connection? lol
  10. In XP (among other ways) you can go to Control Panel, Network Connections and select the problem connection and Disable (sorry, not Delete) it. Then start a new one.
  11. Well, I can connect to the internet no problem. I just can't find the home server! Unless of course you mean the same thing, which in that case I can't isolate it because the computer can't locate it even with WHSConnector.exe.
  12. As you've probably figured, I'm running up against the limits of my knowledge because so far I've only created peer-to-peer networks.
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