ATI Stream Technology- Thoughts and Comments Welcom

I have a Core2Duo 3.0ghz and a HD 5670
I downloaded the AMD Media Codecs and have been trying out the GPU assisted encoding/decoding/transcoding.

I used Cyberlink Power Director 9 which uses ATI Stream tech.
I encoded and burned a 700mb avi/mpeg4/xvid video with MP3 audio
I did see my GPU usage around %5-%25
with average CPU usage about 90% between both cores.
It took 39:25 minutes to burn to disk

Then I used DVD Flick (freeware dvd authoring) and did the same
I used 2 threads,fastest encode setting and normal priority for threads.
It burned the disc in 39:54 minutes to disk.

So I am not impressed by the GPU encoding.

I do know using the AMD Media Transoder I get better times than
with Handbrake and Format Factory and see a higher usage of GPU.
It uses about 25%-50% of GPU.

So it seems that Power Director 9 programming is lacking?

This tech is really interesting.
Seems that the future is using the GPU as a secondary Parallel Processing
GPCPU but the software develompent is still behind the times.

I was wondering what other Toms members experiences and results have been.

Especially curious about 6XXX card owners and Nvidia CUDA owner

Any rants, raves and opinions are welcome

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  1. I just got out of the doctors office after being there over 8 hours
    I am surprised I can even spell right LOL
  2. Sweet shoot me list of links on Newegg
    I am pretty positive I want to go with a ii x 3 in the next six months

    Can I reuse my DDR2-800 with a ii X 3 system?
  3. One day in the future I am going to bug you about a good choice of AM2+
    With what I got now
    all i need is a mobo,case,cpu and PSU
    I was thinking of NZXT cheapie case, II x 3 rana,corsair or antec PSU and
    a decent cheap mobo.
    hopefully for about $200 or so
    i can do that build around December/January
    just move everything else over

    I have been studying AMD mobos and chipsets
    still really weak on those

    the 990gx you mention is the best isnt it?
    Bulldozer ready?
    that is a AM3 chipset?
  4. Ok
    Still alot of learning to go LOL
    I will have to wikipedia AMD sockets and chipsets

    What is Zambezi?

    Do you have any good links to upcoming Bulldozer,Zambezi,Llano tech?
  5. just saw this
    so Zambezi is a desktop CPU in the Bulldozer family
    And Llano is the notebook CPU?
  6. to quote

    *your graphics processor does not support ATI stream acceleration *
    is what Xilisoft says.....Cyberlink Expresso saw no difference with GPU acceleration on/off.....

    I know the HD 5670 supports Ati Stream so I am not sure
    what you mean by that statement?
  7. sure
    right now I have 13 towers and laptops combined
    though 9 of them are not currently hooked but they do work

    So I guess that makes me a Freak? LOL

    @ something I might want but do not have?

    PM about that one
  8. Greghome
    did you mean the HD 6950 doesnt support ATI Stream
    Because I cant believe that either
  9. Quote:
    bigger freak than me with all those not even connected...

    9 of them are piece of crap P4 2.8 HTs that I sell cheap for basic browser computer
    Popular in the Economically Challenged Urban Blight Zone (NJ Ghetto/Barrio) LOL

    so not very impressive to say the least :)

    I thought of running a big Network Rendering cluster with them
    but the crappy electric wiring in this 150 year old house would melt down
  10. Quote:
    The 6950 supports ATI stream, but it only seems to work with AMD's avivo video converter
    Most 3rd part video converter softwares i've tried seems to not be able to properly recognize my oddball 1GB card, that's suppose to come with 2GB,

    Though i've only tried a few, so........any recommendation ?
    preferably ones i dont have to pay for? :lol:

    Off the top of my head they were all paid software

    Cyberlink Power Director
    Cyberlink MediaShow Expresso
    Maybe Vegas Pro 8
  11. also Dvd Fab newer versions
    cool link
    there is a demo under the Ati stream gaming section in that link
    I want to try

    also got to study up on OpenCL

    Nvidia CUDA is more widely supported

    but hopefully OpenCL will become the universal standard
    instead of NVidia and AMD competing with two different standards
    it will actually help both of them out if it becomes standardized
  12. I am not sure about Vegas Pro
    I have Vegas Pro 8
    I have to try a small render job to test it out
    I get an average of about 10%-30% usage with Power Director 9

    I need to get the latest DVD Fab
    I have DVD Fab 6 but only the newer versions support Ati Stream

    I believe OpenCL is a open project
    hopefully will become the standard
    take a look at this

    I am not sure if Nvidia has used it yet
    they are doing ok with CUDA so dont know if they will
    It would benefit the both of them to have a open standard
    they would sell more cards
    unless they want the licensing money
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