Need help upgrading my gt5656 processor

Hello, i have a gt5656 with a MCP61P-AM am2 socket mobo and i purchased a used AMD PHENOM X4 9550 QUAD 2.2GHz HD9550WCJ4BGH PROCESSOR
tdp 95 watts and am2+. when i install it nothing happens. i tried to do the reasearch my self and got no where since this is all new to me. i believe i have to flash the bios problem is when i go to foxconn and look up my mobo i dont know wich one to down load.. i know i sound helpless thats why im here as a last resort. please help :)
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  1. The problem is you have a Gateway, which has all the support inclusive of BIOS upgrades if any.
  2. is there any way to get that processor to work?
  3. Only if you can find a BIOS for it. You do know that in some cases this is not a good upgrade, here comparison with 1 step faster phenom than yours
  4. wow that's interesting... thanks for your help :)
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