Please Recommend me a Grpahics card for my requirements

Need graphics card by next week

Screen res: 1440x900
PSU-380 Watts (antec)

Games: Will basically be plying WOW/Starcraft

Want at least 50 frames on high-ultra

I currently have a gt220 running on a 200 watt psu which gives me a low to medium quality on WOW but the psu gets loud.

Please recommend me the best card for my requirements. Thanks!
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  1. ive been looking at some graphics cards and was wondering if i should get a 1gb gddr5 or just stick with 512 mb
  2. what is your budget? what are your full system specs?
  3. not knowing much other than your screen res...(bc the link you provided does not work) I would suggest getting a 6850 or at least a 5770, starcraft and wow are more cpu demanding so knowing your full system specs is important, your expectations may be set a bit too high if you have a weak cpu

    The link he provided works just fine. And with your specs with the 380w psu you mentioned, I'd recommend a 5670. Anything higher will be bottlenecked by your cpu. With that res, all you would need it 512mb.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but i noticed that a gddr3 1gb 5670 by HIS is cheaper than 512 mb gddr5. so should i go for the gddr5 or 1gb gddr3?
  6. the max gpu you could run from that 380w PSU would be a ATI6850 or nvidia gtx460. However your performance will be severely limited by your slow old CPU. You are better off upgrading cpu/motherboard first, you will see improvements from that alone. The fastest card I would put in would be a GT240, but you wont see much improvement without upgrading CPU.. NVIDIA cards work better with the games you mentioned.
  7. ^thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately i wont be able to buy/upgrade cpu for a while. do you know if i should go with a 1gb gddr3 or 512mb gddr5
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  9. ^Thanks! Just bought it
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