ATI sapphire HD 5700 overheating

hi can some one help me here, i bought the card about 6 months ago and it was all fine then outta no where it started over heating so after a bit of google work i bought a new 650 watt psu and a new scythe cpu fan thinking that would fix my problems

but i installed them yesterday and now ive been playing a game called trapped dead (very basic looking game) and in less than 5 mins my cards at 80c, a few months ago it over heated and blue screened me so i left the case open and put a room fan blowing in and any game i played with the settings on low/med, im very dissapointed that after spending on the psu and fan its still over heating :( now ive done a fair bit of reading and it seems there are other people with ati cards having the same prob, is it faulty cards?

also i read about air flow and tbh my case sucks its some cheap thing but i dont realy want to spend cash on another one incase the card keeps burning up, id rather buy a new one if thats the case, ive got my wires all tidy but i have no fans on my case, just the psu fan, cpu fan and the card has a fan on it but for some odd reason the fan is pointing down lol

any ideas form the pros? im a pc noob btw lol i know the basics and a few random things but im totally lost here guys :(

windows 7
intel core 2 quad q8300 (1yo maybe?)
asus p5p43td mobo (1yo)
ati hd 5700(almost 6-8months old)
6gb ddr3 1600mhz corsair ram (brand new)(it sayes 666mhz on speccy? any fix for this)
Scythe KATANA 3 cpu fan (brand new)
and a Corsair TX 650W V2 psu (brand new)
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  1. You're definitely going to want some case fans if that's possible, your card is probably having overheating issues in part due to a lack of airflow in the case. At the very least, you would want an exhaust fan to pull hot air out of the case, otherwise it just stays in the case and could cause your temperature issues. Dust buildup could also be another factor. You may want to take the card out and make sure that the fan, and air intakes are all clear of dust. PCs attract dust very easily and even 6 months worth of buildup could cause problems.

    You can also download a program called MSI Afterburner and use it to set a more aggressive fan profile. A lot of GPU manufacturers tend to run the fans too slow in their factory default configuration, often the GPU fan will not crank up past 50% or so until temperatures get up into the 90s. Setting the fan to spin faster at lower temperatures could help the situation.
  2. 80C isn't overheating's what I'd expect on any modern game at full load. I have no idesa what kinda load the game you reference imposes but I would remove the card and use an air can to blow out any accumulated dust.

    If removing the case window and blowing air in with a desk fan improves things, then additional case cooling is recommended .... if it didn't then the extra fans ain't gonna do squat.
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