Why are pro GPUs so expensive?

I've been trawling Newegg.

Why do professional graphics cards cost so much more than gaming ones?
I'm assuming it's because they're more powerful.

If they're more powerful, why don't crazy gamers with money to burn all get Quadros?
I'm assuming it's because for some reason, they don't work as well in games as, say, a 590.

What is it about the power of professional, workstation graphics cards that makes them unsuitable for gaming?

Please point out the flaws in my logic if my final question is unfounded.
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  1. They have much better drive support and are targeted at corporate work stations that are running programs that cost 2k-10k per seat, if you just dropped 20k on software for a computer you definitely want to be able to blast through it reliably and quickly. The pro cards like the quadros have their driver optimization dedicated to work station applications rather than games so they perform worse in games, and better in work station apps even though hardware wise they are very similar or in some cases identical to their gaming counter parts.
  2. So you pay thousands of dollars extra for a *driver* with your Quadro 6000?
  3. Also consider that it costs just as much for the design and manufacturing setup as it does for the gaming cards, but far far fewer are sold. There are a lot more costs per card sold than with gaming cards.
  4. Why not just sell a driver to someone with a 570?
    There must be some difference, no?
  5. In years past, the Quadros were simply PCB-cut (a few connections cut on a resistor pack to identify the card uniquely as a Quadro) commerial gaming cards miraculously flashed/recognized as Quadros....

    Those that think the Quadros have some special powerhouse GPUs under the hood will likely be disappointed to know that in reality they are paying 3x as much for a GTX460 equivalent....
  6. In certain situations they can tweak a custom driver for you if you having some rendering issues with whatever program you are using. That takes time and costs money to come up with a custom solution for a single or small group of individuals.

    It also generally cost a little more money to manufacture a professional card since less of them are manufacture. The smaller the production batch, the higher the price just to break even. Then add in the custom driver support.
  7. So if people don't use a custom driver, they might as well get a 460.
    Are all the customers unaware of this?
  8. Better driver support and are usually backed by a 24hour replacement service.

    Unless you are working in a seriously professional environment, an average consumer GPU will do the trick.
  9. How well do you think a 460 1gb would do in Autocad?
  10. I wonder if you could google a benchmark comparison. One thing to consider for a professional stand point. If getting a slower card causes you to wait more, that costs you time and money. If you are doing Autocad as a hobby, that's different.
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