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I have been running win 7 ultimate for a few weeks now, on a HP tx1000 tablet PC. 2 gigs ram, and all updates installed. I find at times the cursor will not be visible, and I wind up having to reboot to get it back...It is there, as I can see things react when I move the mouse, but the arrow is gone....Any ideas?
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  1. Knowing what kind of mouse would be helpful . Did you install from Windows up date or did go on the web and do your own updates ? The reason I ask is because, with the intoduction of W7 there are alot of drivers that are being revised and Microsoft hasn't been keeping up. You may have to do some checking on your own if you haven't already.
  2. I have a logitec wireless notebook mouse. it has a usb receiver. but when the arrow goes, it goes for that mouse, and the touchpad....I think I remember one time, on my external monitor it disappeared, but I could still see it on my notebook, then it was gone there also..
  3. I will see if there is something on the logitec site...I went HP, only to find that they are not going to support this book, under 7...that really sucks on their part, it is only maybe 3 years old...
  4. I believe Logitec has new Set point software for W7
  5. mine is doing the same thing. I have found that if I press ctrl alt delete it comes back and then I can just press cancel and go back to what I was doing. It certainly doesn't solve the problem, but it is a lot easier then rebooting every time.
  6. I think I have the latest drivers from logitech, but I will check again....and I will try the cont alt delete, that is a good idea. why didn't I think of that...Hahha thanks guys.
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