My motherboard broke, I need good recommendation on new motherboard

so I just built a new computer about 3 days ago, and it already started crashing and freezing, but i researched it and found out that some people with the same motherboard have the exact same problem... so i want a new reliable motherboard that mostly likely wont break... My current mother board (the one that broke) is 970A-G46... anyway for my new motherboard im willing to pay around 80 or 85 max

these are my current specs other then my motherboard

AMD Phenom II Black editon, Multi core processor ( I think it was a 3.4ghz)
cooler master 430 Black Glite case
Corsair CX430 430w power supply
Revolutionary Radeon Hd 7750 graphic card

Could you guys please recommend me few motherboards that are compatible and stable.
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  1. Yeah..the Sabertooth is about $100 more than the OP wanted to spend.

    Here's what I would recomend:

    But I would actually spend a few dollars more and move up to a Gigabyte Ultra durable:
  2. Well, I missed the price there : )
  3. First of all, you should contact MSI.
    Unless the board is defective (in which case they won't REFUND you likely they'll just replace it) there's a good possibility that a BIOS update will solve all your problems.

    Again, your freezing issues MAY be fixed with an updated BIOS.

    Even if you live elsewhere, this site is incredibly well organized and there are lots of reviews and comments. Simply look at all the motherboards in the AM3+ section under motherboards:

    Here's a few different boards:

    These all seem fine. If I was force to choose it might be the Asrock 970 Extreme3 but I didn't spend too much time comparing.

    *Once you find one or two board you like, try looking at, etc if you're in the United States.
  4. Update:
    What about the Asrock 970 Extreme 4 here for about $100 USD:
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