When i close pc case my network adapters dissapear .HELP .

Hello ladies and gentleman .I have an isue that bothers me .The problem is : sometimes i open my case ( fractal design :define r3 ).And when i close the side panel my internet connection is gone .The adapter goes to deep sleep and the only solution i have found is removing the ram from the MOBO then wait 10 secs then put it rught back into the socket . I know for sure that this is the problem because i have been experiencing this for a while and i wasnt sure what caused it and today i watched carefully when i tried to close the side panel i also watched the pc monitor closely and as i atempted to close the case - bam - network adapter dissapeared. Then i removed the ram then put it back and everything is fine . Also once this happened when i pluged my game controler into the usb port and once when i pluged my flash memory into the usb port..
Any suggestions guys would be very appreciated
All the best , and greetings from Bulgaria :)
Oh and btw my pc is :
Asrock p67 fatality
Intel i5-2500k - stock clock
gtx570 + accelero xtreme plus cooler
4GB corsair ram
xonar dx
case is define r3
intel 80 gb ssd + 500 gb samsung HD
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  1. the only reason i can think of is that something wrong between your mobo and the internet router connection is loose. That is, it could be the ethernet you are using are in bad condition or the ethernet connector is loose from the mobo.
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