Brand new build. Win 7 on SSD stalls on "starting windows" screen

I just put together a brand new build with a 128GB SSD. Only windows is currently on it.
I manually updated the drivers for my motherboard (MSI P67A-GD65) but downloading them onto a flash drive from my laptop.

After a reboot the "Starting windows" screen stalled for close to 2 minutes. It finally fully loaded windows and all seemed normal from there. Shut down works properly in about 2 seconds.

I unfortunately did not do any test reboots before updating the drivers so I have no idea of the stall has anything to do with the updated drivers or if it already existed.

Recommendations? Since nothing is currently installed on the SSD I figured a reinstall of windows would be easy enough. But before I go to all that I figured if there might be something else I could try to do.

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  1. Hmm, I posted this thread before trying again this morning and the hang up on the starting windows is no longer there, even though it happened repeatedly last night.

    However, a full boot from off or a restart takes about 45 seconds total, which seems slows to me on an SSD. Most of that time, however, is in getting to the "starting windows" screen which if I am not mistaken, is related to the BIOS and not the Windows or the SSD. Would that be correct?
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  3. The stalling started again so I reinstalled Windows and have not updated any of the drivers and I am still getting significant stalling on the splash logo "starting windows".

    Maybe I should have removed the words 'new build' from the title...... this is more of a windows issue, not sure why it's been moved...

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