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"RipjawsX F3-14900CL10D-16GBXL" Registered as [PC3-10700 667MHZ] only.


I just built my PC, and i bought these memory set: RipjawsX F3-14900CL10D-16GBXL

They are supposed to be running at 1866 Mhz with PC3-14900. But until now, They are only working as "PC3-10700 667MHZ".

I don't intend to Overclock them, yet.. i just want them to work at the intended speed!

CPU-Z Details:


** Motherboard**

NOTE: I updated the BIOS to the latest version.

** Memory + SPD **

Memory Readings from Asus application:


**What i did already:

- I went to the BIOS settings, i changed the timings to match the memory's.

- I Manually changed the memory frequency to 1866 MHz from the BIOS.

- I enabled the XMP profile.

And the readings from CPU-Z is still the same (ok just a VERY little increase in the memory tap)

What should i do? Any thoughts?
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    This one is what it's SUPPOSED to be.

    Nothing at all wrong there, and that's EXACTLY right for 1866 (933 x 2 = 1866).
  2. Oh...snap.


    Because i saw PC3-10700 and it confused me! Here:

    I guess there are more math to RAMS than i know of XD.. If that's the case. Thanks!

    PS: should i reset the things i made in the BIOS? i manually entered 1866 for the memory frequency. If RAM Frequency calculations are multiplied by 2, i'm afraid that i'll try to double the speed? *seems to be a silly Q.*
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  4. Oh never mind, i just googled my stupidness.

    DDR3 - Double Data Rate 3.
  5. iJihad said:
    DDR3 - Double Data Rate 3.

    Yep. :) CPU-Z just shows the Bus speed, not the Rated speed.
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