I want your opinion on a gaming setup

I am thinking to order a gaming pc from the cyber power.

i have chosen these components.(tower only)

CPU : Intel® Core™ i7-960 3.20 GHz 8M Intel Smart Cache LGA1366

MOBO : Asus Sabertooth Intel X5

RAM : 12GB (2GBx6) DDR3/1600MHz Corsair Dominator

GPU : 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB (EVGA Superclocked)

Hard Drive : 1TB SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 32MB Cache 7200RPM

Power : 850 Watts - CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gaming 80 Plus Power Supply

Case : Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Mid-Tower Gaming Case

Coolling System : Asetek 570LX Liquid Cooling system

Optical Drive : Asus BC-12B1ST 12X Blu-Ray Combo DVDRW Drive

TOTAL COST : 1691 euros

I want you to tell me your opinion for the choices above.

thanx in advance
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  1. NO. xD. Not worth it man.... Im getting a rig currently thats better than this (not like tons better, but better) and Im getting it for about 1000 Euros. So thats actually cheaper and with better specs. I'll give you a link, its a build your own but the link is with all the items that I'm getting selected (what I would reccomend) but you can change things around if you like. Here is the link:


    Actually, I just realized since u live in UK or watever u wont be able to get this exact thing from that site :( But well u can still take a look at the specs and try and find something similar :)
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