PCI Express x16m ATI Radeon HD3450

Hello, I have an Acer Extensa E420 with integrated Graphics, my monitor suddenly displays no signal but Desktop pc is still running, (a) where is this graphics controller on the motherboard and (B) could this be the cause of constant "no signal" messages, monitor works fine on my other desktop
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  1. I think there is some other problem. IGP's don't normally go bad just like that. I would suspect that the motherboard is dying. And even if you found it. You wouldn't be able to do anything with. It is not removable.
  2. i have this problem. when i had xp my monitor worked a dream, but i installed windows 7 ultimate and no says no signal only my 1998 monitor works on my pc. on my nice monitor i get the screen for about 1 seconds showing me all my desktop but then its gone works it safe mode but windows can not detect my monitor. :(
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