Urgent help needed-USB stopped working after memory upgrade

Any and all advice appreciated folks-have just tried to upgrade my Dell XPS 720 H2C memory from 2gb (4x512 pc2 5300) to 4Gb (2x2Gb pc2 8500)
Initial first boot seemed fine, detected change in memory on boot and booted into windows okay and it started looking to install drivers as I may have replaced some of the USB devices at rear in different slots....no bigge,right?

Anyway all was fine, keyboard and mouse working and able to launch browser then BOOM....in other words very quick flash of the BSOD and power down.

Powered up again and into windows okay but now no mouse or keyboard functions!

Steps taken so far....have jumper cleared NVRAM, have reset BIOS to factory, have tried memory in different slots (3&4 instead or 1&2) and all with same results but here's the kicker....have removed memory and put my original back in and SAME THING, no mouse or keyboard functionality, I have tried 2 different mice to be sure and tried then in another system and they work....keyboard works fine in BIOS/set up menus just nothing in Windows....assuming all USB functionality gone in windows as cannot test any other devices without the keyboard or mouse....oh, same thing in SAFE mode as well.

System running Vista premium 32 bit.

Any and all help greatly appreciated as I need the system up and running ASAP as run a small business and completely lost without it!!!
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  1. Have you tried reseting NVRAM after installing the old memory? 4GB under a 32bit OS works only with remapping some memory addresses for the hardware. That might have gone wrong in your case.
  2. Yes reset NVRAM after putting old memory back and same problem....can't for the life of me understand why a memory upgrade would disable all USB ports.
    If I could at least access device manager could rebuild USB stack but no way of doing so with no keyboard or mouse.....THINK I have an old PS2 mouse somewhere if I could only find it then might get somewhere....Again I believe this to be a windows problem as USB keyboard works fine in BIOS screens.
  3. Try repairing Windows if you have an Installation disk,certainly looks like an obscure OS fault...
  4. Need to check if I have one....will i be able to without USB mouse/keyboard??
  5. Right we're getting somewhere now....found a PS2 mouse, plugged it in and booted in SAFE mode....looks like drivers for USB devices got all messed up after 1st reboot after installing memory as all yellow triangle warnings....removed ALL USB listings under USB in device manager and let windows reinstall them again itself and success, USB mouse and KB now working...next step will be to add my USB devices back one by one and if all still working try the memory upgrade again....wish me luck!!
  6. Installation disk would have loaded USB drivers anyway, but glad you got it sorted. Just have to hope the memory upgrade doesn't cause more grief!
  7. Right things aren't going so well...constant BSOD problems.
    Chrome very unstable with constant "Aw snap" screens...then BSOD....even dared to try dreaded IE but BSOD also....and few other program's seem to cause it too so not just browser. can't keep system UP long enough to run Spybot or Malware Antibytes and AVG seems to be disabled as is my Firewall!!!

    Trying to download a BSOD viewer in Safe mode to see what it reports...hopefully faulty memory and I can send it back!
  8. Okay FINALLY got a dump fie and culprit is reported as being ntoskrnl.exe....any suggestions??
  9. Okay nw getting a "Memory_Management" BSOD error....looks like dodgy RAM after all.
    Gonna revert back to my own memory and test further but looking like a swift return to Komputer Bay in tomorrows post!!
  10. Problem solved.....old memory back in and everything running fine.
    Moral of the story, stay clear of Komputer Bay (purchased via Amazon UK) they may be cheaper but the memory is defo not up the the job, stick to crucial for the proper stuff!!!
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