Laptop advice $400-$500ish. Low lvl gaming and general use.

Hi guy's,
I'm looking at getting a laptop for general use (word processing, excel, movie watching), and for a little bit of gaming on the side. My main aim with gaming would be to run league of legends on at least medium settings with a good 40+ fps. It's requirements are:
Minimum System Requirements
2 GHz processor
750 MB available hard disk space
Shader version 2.0 capable video card
DirectX 9.0 capable video card
Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (Mac OS is currently not supported)
Recommended System Requirements
3 GHz processor
750 MB available hard disk space
GeForce 8800 or equivalent video card

Cost is my primary concern, I'm looking to get the most 'bang for my buck'. Around the 400-500 Budget very few laptops have dedicated gpus, I anted to check if I would require one considering league of legends is the uPper limit of the gaming I intend to do.

Other stuff:
Country: us
Sites used: newegg mainly
Price range: 300-500 (could go a little over 500 if there's a system with far superior cost efficiency, or the laptops under 500 won't fulfill my needs)
Refurbished laptops: I'm ok with the idea if that's what I have to do to meet my needs and budget (I know very little about returns tho, so advice would be appreciated).
Storage: anything above 160gb is fine
Battery life: at least 2 hours would be nice, I don't expect to be away from a PowerPoint longer than that
Screensize: ideally 15' or larger, I'm not a fan of those tiny laptops
Brands: no preference. I just want to find one that has a comfortable keyboard (advice appreciated).

Thanks for the help guy's, ive tried to follow the new post guide, if I left anything out let me know.

A couple of the laptops I'm considering :
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  1. No, No, and No. Here take a look at these. I would use other sites but you specifically asked for Newegg :)
    Acer with i3-2310m and nVIDIA GT 520M $500
    Lenovo with i3-210m and nVIDIA GT 520M $550
    Acer with Phenom II Quad and AMD 6470M $500

    Between these three, I would go for the ones with an Intel processor because they are still ahead in laptops. You will get more performance. I would say between the 520M and 6470M you will probably have better luck with the nVIDIA because of driver supports and whatnot. FINALLY, between Acer and Lenovo.. Acer has the same amount of RAM but at a slightly lower speed but it has a better webcam adn LAN speed (10/100/1000). It's also $50 less. Here's the comparison:|34-215-105^34-215-105-TS%2C34-246-155^34-246-155-TS

    Notebookcheck Reviews:
    GT 520M:
  2. Cool, thanks for the feedback. You mentioned that you'd normally use other sites, what would those be? (I'm new to the states and newegg is the only comp site over here that i know about. If there's places to get a better deal, I'm all for it)
  3. Logicbuy occassionally has deals from manufacturers like dell/hp/lenovo and the like. There's also amazon. At that price point, I think the offering would be the same. Newegg pretty much sells their stuff anyway.
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