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I know my password from Wi-Fi (WPA), but I don't remember Login of Wireless Network. How can I get it?
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  1. is it not the same? there is no login name for wireless just password which you say you have
  2. in order to go to setting of configuration wireless network i need enter login and password. i know program which shows your WEP-WPA key but not login. May be there is anything else program?
  3. are you looking for the username and password to log into you router to be able to change the settings of the router?

    Download the manual from the internet it will have the default information.

    If you have changed the default password, use the reset button in the back of the router by pressing it for 30 sec.

    Start over with the configuration of the router
  4. yes

    i want to avoid the resetting router

    thank you for helping
  5. Quote:

    i want to avoid the resetting router

    What make and model is your router? Sometimes, admin will do as the login name and password as the password. Others use admin for both.
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