Motherboard failed RAM test

Hi people... Finally decided to build a gaming PC. With the little money I had.

I've got a P8P67 EVO Rev B3 (

And I tried Corsair CMX12GX3M3A2000C9 DIMM pack (yes... only the two sticks, not all three, to maintain config symmetry).

But I got the solid MEM light. Hitting the 'Mem Test OK' switch started a cycle off for the P8P67 to test it, but returned a solid light again. No good?

1. Anyone else had issues with this combination ?
2. If im looking at a comparable range of clock speed and DDR3 spec that the P8P67 would be happy with, what should I look be looking at ? Would like to satisfy a 2 x 4Gb config to get a total of 8Gb. Thanks :)

Also, being the first time I have put together a PC, I may be missing something quite basic and obvious to those who are frequently doing this sort of work.
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  1. Well three things, 1. Tri Channel in Dual (not a huge issue), 2. XMS kits have been problematic (frequent visitor), 3. Frequency - you choose a DDR3-2000 kit which aren't a cake walk for most non-OC systems to run.

    My best suggestion of most SB or IB CPU's is a 2x4GB DDR3-1600 CAS 9 Dual Channel kit.

    Q - What CPU?

    Try two things:
    1. Use (1) stick of RAM in the 2nd DIMM slot only for now.
    CPU: | -- | 4GB | -- | -- |
    2. Clear CMOS - unplug the PSU for 5 minutes, press and hold the 'Clear CMOS button' @ I/O for 5+ seconds, plug the PSU back into the wall plug and try booting. If you can boot then go into the BIOS (hold the Delete key), once in press F5 and then F10 Save & Exit = Yes.
    Video -

    Excellent Build Guide video -
  2. Hey Jaquith thanks for the response :) Much appreciated.

    My CPU is i7 3770

    I would rather not play around with CMOS as of yet, instead I'll try a dual channel kit with a lower frequency

    Jaquith, any suggestion from the following? My price range is anything up too $80 or so.
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    I'd start with a Clear CMOS then start the remainder of the troubleshooting. The RAM 'should' default to DDR3-1333 and work and if it doesn't then you may have a bad stick -- so test.

    Duh, me I knew there was something bouncing in the back of my head, on the LGA 1155 DDR3-2000 isn't supported. Unlike LGA 2011 which separates the BCLK from the CPU Strap so you 'can' support DRAM Frequencies of DDR3-2000; see below.

    My issues with any Ares are it's VCCSA requirements for many of it's kits and some Ripjaws Z have the same issue so you have to look at each kit individually.

    For a good G.SKILL DDR3-1600 CAS 8/9 @ 1.50v then the F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM (2x4GB).

    Supported Frequencies:
  4. You're not risking anything by resetting CMOS BTW, it's always worth a try.
  5. I see. Thanks for the help guys.

    I may have forgot to mention that the monitor doesnt receive a signal and so I dont think I can play around with resetting CMOS... right?

    So... CPU fan spins, Video card spins, the only solid poststate-LED is the RAM (indicating a problem as per ASUS mobo manual).

    I think new RAM which is lower frequency (1600) is the go right?

    Again, apologies for silly questions, first time doing this, I guess its the best way for learning.
  6. What Q-LED lights are on @ start? IF it's just the DRAM LED try the Clear CMOS, and just as I've stated already. IF that doesn't correct the problem then get new RAM.

    Clearing the CMOS does NOTHING BAD, and I'd take a couple minutes to watch the video I posted above.

    Other than a few Synthetic tests there's no advantages to RAM kits faster than DDR3-1600 on the IB or SB CPU.

    Here's a good review -
  7. Hey Jaquith,
    It is the DRAM LED on @ start.

    I will try clearing the CMOS using the triple channel kit i have at the moment.

    However, I have already purchased the F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM (2x4GB) you suggested in the previous post... Oops.

    I will watch the link video you posted and let you know the results.

    Thanks again
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  9. Hey guys... Me again..

    Got new RAM 2 x 4GB Gskill ripjaws X 1600MHz (see above)
    Cleared CMOS... Used one stick of the new RAM at time.. DRAM LED still illuminated and no signal to monitor...

    What the hell do i do :(
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