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Sapphire 5850 load temperature?

Hi guys! I was just wondering what temperature should be "fine" at load with the Sapphire radeon 5850. I stressed the GPU with OCCT and when I check CPUID Monitor to see the max temperature it shows about 60 - 75℃ for TMPIN0 and GPU 105 - 110℃. Its a little high the gpu temperature, isnt it? As I have done the test with stock clock 725/1000 and OC, when OC (800-900/1000) is applied GPU goes to +120℃ with fan at 100%. I have cleaned the dust from the graphic card and the case is open, ambient temperature is about 15℃. What could make the GPU to go so high at full load? By the way, Im using a CoolerMaster 500w EPP, could be because of this power supply?

Asrock 890FX deluxe 3
Phenom II x6 1055T
4GB DDR3 1600MHZ CL9
CoolerMaster 500w EPP
Sapphire Radeon 5850

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  1. Could be a wrong temp reading, or could be reading VRM or VRAM temps which often don't have active cooling.

    But my two 5850s don't generally go over 60-65C at 870/1200 OC.

    For now I'd say get GPUZ and MSI Afterburner to verify what the temps are reading as a first step.

    120C is generally crash point so it seems like it must be wrong.
  2. Sapphire Trixx or MSI AB shows me around 60 - 75C at full.

    Im concerned about GPU temperature from CPUID Monitor. As I can make a better OC without crash nor artifacts but im worried about that GPU grades. It should be fine?

    EDIT: Images are from full load.
  3. Hm... well looks like the GPU core is 70C which is fine. I'd definitely try GPUZ as well because it will list all the temp sensors. Also, unless they updated it, last time I looked at Trixx it only supported 6xxx series cards - I'm also using Sapphire 5850s. Are your reference models or aftermarket cooling (vapor X)?
  4. Reference model.

    I will try GPUZ.
  5. Okey, I have tested GPUZ and I was wrong. The GPU temperature is fine, what I was concerned about was VCCD Phase. The three of them reach at 100 - 120C. Is it fine? What should be the max temp for the three phases?

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    Hm. They shouldn't normally get that hot. When I was testing out high overclocks it would crash if the VRM hit 120C, but if it hasn't for you then that's pretty lucky. Still, it could be that they assembled it wrong or something. I've replaced the stock cooler because it's loud as hell, and I noticed that they use thermal tape between the VRM and VRAM and the solid metal base of the cooler.

    A possibly simple solution could be to buy some GPU heat sinks (small ones for VRAM) and put them on the other side of the PCB to help with heat dissipation. You can see how mine are, and also note that I have a fan blowing directly on them:
  7. I will try to cover it with heatsink or something to disipate the heat. Thanks Wolfram23.
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  9. I know this is an old thread, but it's just what I'm wondering.
    Running through some ArmA benchmarks, I was happy to see 5850 GPU over 60C just once ... the very toughest ... with all settings maxed.
    But I notice TMPIN0 hit 77C.

    Maybe I'd know if I should worry or not if I knew what this variable was referring to!
    What's being measured with that?

    p.s. CPU peaked at 47C ... Athlon 630 OC 3.4GHz.
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