Very low frame rate on lowest settings Battlefield 3

I have a AMD x2 550 OC'ed to 3.5ghz and a AMD HD5770.
I have my Battlefield 3 running at 800x600 and everything on low and getting ~20fps in 32+ player servers. Im suspecting my CPU is too weak or some other problem but it does not seem right? Any ideas?

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  1. Dual cores hold the game back a bit, but you should be performing better than that. What are the rest of your system specs? I'm particularly interested in how much ram you have.

    For reference I'm running the game with a Phenom II 965(stock or overclocked doesn't effect my fps), 8Gb DDR3, and a 5770. I manage an average of 45fps mostly medium settings 1920x1080.
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