Help me Choose a PSU

My two HDDs crashed one By One :pfff: and I have been told That the cheap 450w PSu i have been Using is the Main Culprit

Now I have Two options -

1.CORSAIR Builders Series CMPSU-430CX 430W
2.Seasonic 400W SS-400-ES Power Supply (I also Have been told that corsair and seasonic are the Best Brands for a PSU)

Out of These Which One would U recommend? I May Upgrade My GFx card and add More 4 GBs Of Ram Later

My Config -
Processor - AMD athlon II x4 630
Motherboard - Biostar TA 785G3HD
RAM - 2*2 GB Corsair xms3 1600MHz
HDD - WD Green 1TB + Hitachi 1TB
Gfx Card - HIS Radeon 5570
Cooling fans - Side 1 x 80 mm and 1 x 120 mm LED fan, Front 120 mm LED fan
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  1. I would buy the cheaper of the two.
  2. go fir CORSAIR
  3. The psu from Corsair is low end ill go for Seasonic
  4. Have to agree with davcon and sosofm, between those two I too would go for the Seasonic.
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