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i just built this computer, i need a lil help. i cant overclock it past 3.8 GHz, but i was told i could up to 4.5ghz, any suggestions? heres my specs,

asus cross hair IV formula amd 890fx am3 mobo

amd Phenom II X6 1100t black edtion 3.3ghz

2 Patriot 8GB Viper Xtrm Div2 DDR3 1866MHz CL9 2X4GB (16gb ram total)

corsair hydro H60 liquid cooler (cpu)

2 HP 24X DVDRW SATA w/Lightscribe

Kingwin Mach 1 1000w ATX Modular Power Supply

2 XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIe Dual FN, BLK Ed. video cards cross fired

2 Masscool Hard Drive Cooler Fan

2 Seagate 1TB Serial ATA HD 7200/32MB/SATA-6G hard drives

Serial ATA 4-Port SATA RAID PCI Controller Card

Aerocool FP-01 LCD Fan Monitor/Card Reader

Kingston HyperX Memory Cooling Fan

Thermaltake V9 BlacX Edition Case w/ Dual HDD Dock

any suggestions on what i should change up? or upgrade? thank you
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  1. Done any voltage increases? There should be guides on the forums here to help you.
  2. thank you i will try that , but also now im getting blue screen once and a while saying something about memory dump? know what that's about?
  3. Are you playing any games when this happens?
  4. Before thinking your RAM or HDD might be bad try a registry cleaner.

    Since the registry is opened so many times when the computer is being used, it can cause such errors. Getting such errors is so common today because a registry almost contains 1 million files that can get corrupted at any time. The operating system of the PC becomes perplexed and it opens windows wrongly making it understandable to read after some time. A registry cleaner can help you in cleaning those registry files that are responsible for producing such blue screen dump errors. With the help of a registry cleaner, it is now able to use your computer without worrying about the appearance of any kind of blue screen error messages.

    Fix Blue Screen Physical Memory Dump Error is easy to do with registry cleaner. If you scan your computer it will detect all the errors in your registry and safely remove them.

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  5. Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Error log Will give you more information. Most likely something isn't stable with your OC.

    Also run memtest86
  6. it happens with and with out games, tried reg. cleaner no luck, just finished redoing my drives and set them to raid, seems stable for now but only an hour into it. still cant get it to overclock, i know it can be done but it wont let me so i reset the mother board to stock settings....
  7. Were you raising your multiplier by increasing it one number at a time and running a stability test afterwards until you could not boot and then adjusting your voltage one increment at a time until it would boot or did you just go straight to 4.5?
  8. i tried upping it one then tried to start, and it wouldn't and the light was flashing red on mobo as ram and CPU failure
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    Also have you just tried to use the Turbo V automatic OC where it will do it itself. I'm sure that will bring you over 4.0ghz
  10. just tried that thank you i got it up to 3.99 about as much as i can get out of it thanks
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  12. jeremy1183 said:
    Also have you just tried to use the Turbo V automatic OC where it will do it itself. I'm sure that will bring you over 4.0ghz

    I have played around with turbo V with my 1090T and I have never had any luck getting it to work so I just stick to OC in bios
  13. Honestly there is really not much need for high OC's if you have a good system to begin with. I saw hardly any difference when I jumped to 4.5ghz on the i5-2500k. Juts brought a FPS in games up around 5-7 more...which I guess is an Ok increase.
  14. Oh, look around some more in that Turbo V program I believe that they have preset OC's that jump by .2 that you can select that it will boost you to instead of just letting the system choose. I know the new z68 boards have them. I believe they start out at 3.6 then go to 3.8>4.0>4.2 and 4.4ghz
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