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Gtx 470, 560 ti ?

Hello guys im currently going to upgrade my Nvidia Gtx 550 ti as i do not see enough power for what i do. im stuck between a Gtx 470 or gtx 560 ti?
Also i don't know if these cards would block the SATA ports on my motherboard at all. i only have 4 and they cannot be blocked my my gpu. i listed the board at the bottom. IT doesn't bother me if it's refurbished or not I see the gtx 470 has more processing cores and bigger bit bandwith but is slower clocks then 560 ti..

Nvidia GTX 470

Nvidia GTX 560 ti

System specs are :
Biostar A880G+ mobo
Phenom 2 x2 3.4ghz (unlocked to four cores)
750 Watt Corsair psu
4 Gigs DDR3 1333mhz
2x250gig WD drives in Raid 0
2xAsus Dvd burners
Xigmatek asgard 2 case
this is the link to the exact motherboard i have
Any help or feedback would be appreciated. I am Also acceptable to AMD/ATI cards.
Prefer Nvidia but if theres a better performing/price ati card just let me know. Thanks!

and not sure it would matter. but i will be gaming at 1920x1080p resolution
i also need it to be powerful enough so i could possibly have maxed graphics.
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  1. The GTX 560 ti is a lot quieter and cooler. I'd definitely advise you get the GTX 560 ti over a 470.

    Looking at the motherboard, I see no problems with the Sata placement. 2 are above the PCIe slot, and 2 are over 2 pcie slots below. You should be good to go with either. Just don't get a 3 slot cooler, or the 2 Sata slots will be in the way.
  2. 560ti is a lot better every way possible.
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    For your consideration:

    The competitor for the 560ti from red team is the 6950 1GB. The 6870 1GB is just a bit below the 560ti in performance and in price. Both great cards, as is the 560ti. Can't really go wrong with any of these options.

    Don't get a 470- it was actually a pretty good card (didn't suffer from some of the issues that the 480 was criticized for) but the 5xx series just improved on so many things that it doesn't make sense to get the last gen.
  4. Under full GPU load the GTX 560 Ti performs better and uses 45 Watts less power than the GTX 470.

  5. The OP could always get a short and stumpy GTX560Ti if they are that worried about the SATA ports being blocked.
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