Mistake with fan control....is my card ok?


I recently purchased a 6970 and I use MSI afterburner for the custom fan profile. I am not ocing atm because all my games run flawlessly max settings.

Apparently I did not have MSI starting with windows, and when I went to play Just cause 2, my stupid fan sat at 27% for about 15 minutes of gaming. When I alt tabbed out to check my temps, I opened MSI AB and it was running at like 103C.

I know it wasn't long but I am concerned that I may have damaged my card. With the amount of time it ran like this is it ok? Normally the card runs between 60-70C while gaming so I dont have cooling issues it was just the fact that MSI AB wasnt setup properly.

Thanks for any input I am just concerned because it was a hefty purchase!
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  1. I wouldn't be that concerned that you damaged it this once, but if repeated it will effect the card. Just make sure MSI is open next time!
  2. Right on thanks for the reply. I am so mad about it!!! I reinstalled the program and completely forgot that you need to have startup in wndows checked in options. Stupid mistake on my part. If something like this did cause damage what would be the symptoms?
  3. Max temp for the 6870 is 103c.I would figure the 6970 is right about the same if not higher.If it only happend once than theirs no reason to worry and you didn't exactly exceed the max temp you were right on the boundry.

    The same thing happend to me with my 6870 and MSI Afterbruner.Thats how I figured out what the max temp is for the 6870.
  4. Right on. The other thing I am noticing now is there is a temp display difference between HWmonitor and MSI AB of about 5 degrees. As I was just playing crysis, MSI shows its running around 51-53 while HWmonitor is showing more like 59. Do you know which would be more accurate?

  5. Could be a refresh rate difference.
    But it's not uncommon for different programs to give different temps.I'd say as long as it's not overheating don't worry about it.
  6. Hey right on,

    Ya it's good aside from my little mishap. Thanks for all your help purple stank.
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