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I'm just about finished building my first pc and am in the process of looking for a nice fan controller to finish it off. I have a CM storm scout case with red led fans, so I figured I should keep with the red/black color scheme and get something with red lighting/lcd. The problem is that I can't seem to find many, if any, controllers that offer either red led lighting or red lcd screens. I've looked at brands like AeroCool, NZXT, Scythe, and Lamptron. There is one that I would love to have, the Scythe Coolwatch:

Unfortunately, they do not sell them anymore :( I know they have a Gatewatch, which is similar, but it looks too cheap and plasticy. The Scythe Kama Meter is another nice one, but it is also not in production anymore. I'm looking at either getting a Lamptron FC-6 or NZXT Sentry 2. The Sentry 2 would mess up the color scheme though :/ Any suggestions?
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  1. Now that is a real cool looking controller, I must have 3 different controller in 3 of my rigs and none of them look so cool.
  2. I had that one, but it's too light and hangs around on the table...... :(
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