Maximus V Extreme 4-pin connector?

Hi guys,

I just have one question regarding connecting PSU with Maximus V Extreme.

My brother got this MB for his birthay and he is using Enermax Platimax 1000W PSU. We realised that there is one extra 4-pin connector near standard 8-pin for CPU. So we connected 24-pin and 8-pin one as always, but we didn't want to connect anything to this 4-pin connector.

So what should we do? There is one 12V 4-pin cable on this PSU, but should we connect both 8 and 4-pin cables? What will happen if we connect both of them and start the system?

Best regards!
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  1. You can plug one-half of the 4+4 pin +12V CPU power connector from the Enermax Platimax 1000W to that EATX12V_2 connector on the motherboard.

    The EATX12V_2 connector is there to ensure that the CPU power VRM circuit receives adequate +12V current when performing extreme CPU over clocking.

    You don't have to connect it up, but the option is there if you need to use it.
  2. Cheers... I did so and everything is working well. i7 3770K runnuing stable at 4,5 GHz.

    Best regards
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