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Upgrade worth it?

Hello, i am curently running a GA-H55M-D2H 1156 with an i3 530 and am considering upgrading mb/cpu to a MSI Z68A-GD65 G3 Motherboard and a Intel Core i7 2600K for a cost of about $600 do you think it is worth upgrading or should i wait till i can afford a bigger upgrade
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  1. This depends on what you intend on doing with your computer. If you're doing gaming, then you might consider the i5-2500K instead. If you're intending on doing video editing, then you could find the upgrade quite effective.
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    Honestly with the 2011 socket processors from Intel so close to release I would suggest saving and waiting until then.They are supposidly going to be about 10-20% faster than current Sandy bridge processors.

    If what you mainly do on your PC is gaming then their is no need for the 2600k.
  3. i mainly use it for gaming but i also use vegas pro for editing gaming video's for youtube but the 2011 socket is what i was mainly contemplating whether it was worth the upgrade or would it be obsolete in too shorter time
  4. might as well wait is my suggestion, even if the newer intel products are 10-20% faster, the i7 2600k more than meets your demands so you could hold out for a price drop.

    if you want to upgrade now, the i5 2500k is a good processor and will provide a performance boost, but if you aren't doing a lot of intense video editing, I think the 2600k is a waste
  5. I doubt their will be a price drop.Intel is very stingy with their products.Even the LGA 775 quad cores or still going for around $200.

    I suggest waiting as well.But if you have to get one now the 2500k is more than enough for your needs.One of the main reasons to wait for the 2011 processors is for the PCI-E 3.0 support.
  6. May I suggest this?
    Less power consumption and has Hyper Threading. Downside is there is no integrated graphics. Sounds like this may fit the bill. Uses the same socket as Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. I don't see much need in waiting for SB-E. Its going to be expensive and will probably be overkill for what you want to do.
  7. A server processor?

    The OP hasn't even bought anything yet and is still using 1156.That is why we are talking about 2011.
  8. purple stank said:
    A server processor?

    The OP hasn't even bought anything yet and is still using 1156.That is why we are talking about 2011.

    Server/workstation CPU. There's nothing that an i5 can do that this won't.
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