Pc wont power up after installing graphics card

I have a am2nfg6-vista MB and trying to install GeForce 7600gt 256MB ddr3 pci-express card when I try to stat up after adding card it wont even power on the power supply is a 400wt and I am running win 7 32 bit
AMD 64x2 3800 any help would be great oh I tested power supply and it fine.
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  1. The 7600GT is an older card, but should still work fine. It doesn't require a whole lot of power (no PCIe connector), so the power supply should be fine.

    What was the previous video card in the machine?
  2. Is the card new, or just new to you? :)

    Does the card work in another computer?
  3. I would suspect the power supply, substitution of the power supply is the only reliable test. One common mistake beginners make when fitting an AGP graphics card is not pushing the card far enough down into the graphics card slot you should not be able to see the gold connectors.
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