Upgrade time..

ok. so its time for an upgrade >=D

core 2 quad 8200 @ 2.3 OCed to 2.81
Zalman CNPS 8800NT cpu cooler
4GB (2x2GB) corsair CMS2X 800mhz
Asus p5kpls/1600
XFX GTS250 core edition
Powercool 650watt PSU
win 7 home 64bit
Cooler Master elite 430 case

I5 2300 @2.8 (i want to OC to 3.something) <-- http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?IL-I52300O
Zalman CNPS.... (if it fits)
8GB (2x4GB) G.Skill Ripjaw's 1333mhz <--http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?GSK-8G13C9
Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 Intel Z68 <--http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?GIG-Z68AD3
XFX GTS250 core edition
powercool 650watt
win 7 home 64bit
Cooler Master elite 430 case

1. I know that GPU is out dated and slowwww. but i cant aford that yet as im thinking this generic PSU might need abit of an upgrade.
2. Does the PSU need an upgrade? its been jolly good to me so far for the last 6 months of messing about adding case fans, inside fans, lights, OC fiddling and what not.
3. I am near my budget, but i feel as though this is all i need to be happy with atm. Any suggestions? I am trying not to brake the £300 mark, as i only have about 500ish to paly with and i need the rest to survive =D.

Main Questions
1. Do i need to format my HDD for a motherboard upgrade?
can i copy all my game files and such to an Ext HDD then copy them back with out problems? (has 40ish games installed atm..Steam would die)

2. What order should i do it in?
Should i just unbuild this system then build it back again with the new stuff then install windows again?
Should i put it on cardboard and do test power ups? adding 1 stick of ram at a time, and then the GPU, then all the other bits and bobs?

Idea's, suggestions and comments will be read and thought about. The only exception about going over 300 is in case the PSU NEEDS upgrading. if it will cope then im going to leave it.
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  1. If your gaming why would you upgrade the cpu but not the gpu? that makes no sense. Save the $200 on the i5 and instead upgrade to a 560ti, which your psu should be able to run. You also have a quad core already so you'll see a much bigger performance upgrade from upgrading your gpu rather than the cpu.
  2. well i upgraded from an 8800GT to this GTS250 and didnt see a huge difference.
    i probably would do that, and gain DX11, but i want a faster cpu, as the Q8200 wont go over 2.83ghz. and if i keep the cpu and a get gpu then the mobo and ram would be redundant...

    i should have said before, im getting blue screens and what not(something not less or Equal, memory management, bad pool header, bad pool caller), which i guess is down to mobo drivers and windows 7 drivers. all my drivers are up to date, which review every 2 months or so. I also want to upgrade to 8gb of ram, as this mobo has a limit of 4.
  3. What your budget you'r willing to put for an upgrade?
    do you use this mainly for gaming?
  4. gaming mainly with light photo/video editing and general use (music, browsing, text docs and what not).

    Budget is about £300, IF i decide to go ahead and do it.
    I chose the mobo for the SLI capability and the 1155skt and large ram limit.

    I have a huge obsession with lights and fans and stuff. but not on hardware its self, i have 2 cathodes, 6/7 case fans and a LED temp display with a thermometer in the NB(will move it to say..somewhere i thinks getting hot to monitor it and change fan speeds as needed.
  5. The problem with the upgrade path youve chosen is that you wont actually notice much improvement in gaming performance. 4gb to 8gb might give you a 1% increase, and your cpu will be bottlenecked by your gpu.

    Your upgrade would be good if you plan to upgrade the gpu shortly soon though.
  6. yeah well i wont be leaving the GTS250 in there for much longer. I have sights for a GTS460/560 or something.

    I did find how ever, when i turned the OC off the cpu (back to 2.3) and got a noticeable FPS drop =/
  7. Have you done some stability testing on your overclock to make sure its stable? It might be causing your bsods.
  8. yeah i have. and ive run prime95 for 3/4 hours on the ram to make sure there not dyeing. thing is, if i turn the OC off. it still happens. i think its just one of those rare occasions that hardware and software disagree on a fundamental level. Im good with bad luck that way you see...

    I also ran that thingy that monitors driver usage...ermmm forgotten what its called but you start it by going through the CMD promt and what not.. it records all the stuff and then it flags specific drivers when things go wrong.... i couldnt get it to work and when i did...nothing happened... it BSOD but it didn't flag anything.

    any way we're going off topic. Can any one explain to me the steps to take to install a new mobo+CPU+ram. with out without wiping the hard drive. cheers now
  9. any one? some advice on upgrading mother boards would be useful. I've just received the motherboard that upgrading my girlfriends pc with, new cpu new ram new mobo..

    there are two hard drives in her rig atm, ones just got XP and steam on it, the other has XP(that she is booting with as a primary drive) and lots of stuff so its full.
    I preinstalled XP onto a larger hard drive to swap in with the new mobo and stuff, but she ran out of space so its in as a secondery, like i said it only has steam and XP installed.

    Im guessing i can do this by swapping the 2 hard drives, well taking out the main one atm and putting the secondary in as the main, leave the 1st drive out while i sort every thing and install drivers, then when its running, i can install the 1st hdd as a secondery device so she still has all her stuff?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Also, BTW, what i plan to do with mine when/if i get my upgrades.
    only difference is mine isnt budget and im using win 7
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