Building my first gaming experience though, help appreciated

Hey I was just trying to get some help with some stuff...make sure all my parts are compatible and nothing is going to bottleneck me in terms of performance.

Case - Lanboy Air

Processor - Intel i7

Motherboard - Gigabyte

Video Card - GeForce GTX 460

RAM - Corsair

SSD - Crucial

HDD - Western Digital

Power Supply - PC Power and Cooling Silencer MKII 650W

Mainly I'm curious if the PSU is potent enough for everything, and if everything I picked out is compatible with each other. And if any one component is going to drag the rest down.

Also the reason I chose the air casing is so I wouldn't have to buy extra cooling, but does anyone think extra cooling anyway would be a good idea? I'm using this for work as well. (3D modeling and rendering)

Thanks in advance for the help! It really is appreciated!
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  1. Your Video Card isn't so good. I would go for the RADEON 6870.

    Power Supply: Go for Seasonic/Antec/Corsair 600W

    Very good power supply + It is modular so very good cable management = More air flow.
  2. Okay so I do like the idea of the modular power supply. Seasonic has a good rep? I'm going for quality+longevity for the parts that wont need to be upgraded so I'd like it to last. That one looks good as far as I know...

    And I'll upgrade the video card.
  3. Thats the power supply I would go with if I were you. Its 850w, so it will be enough if you ever want to run a Crossfire or SLI setup plus overclocking. I would try to stick with a Corsair or Seasonic brandwise for a power supply (seasonic actually makes a few of corsairs psus :) lol). Go with if you prefer a cleaner modular setup. Remember, the power supply is one of the most important pieces of your build, so its always better to budget a little more for a great one, rather than an "ok" one.
  4. ^^ Tokyo says some good stuff but really? 850W is waaay to much even if he does Crossfire, If you are not going to crossfire go for a 500-600W PSU. And yes Seasonic is the Top 3 PSU manufactureres, Seasonic makes like 1/2 the power supplies for Corsair and many other brands, Seasonic is Number 1 brand in my opinoin but it is definately TOP 3. And for the graphics card go for a Sapphire 6870 or 6850. Sapphire has excellent reviews and cooling.

    And btw, Modular REALLY IS AMAZING.
  5. I'm thinking for my purposes, the 620W will be more than enough. Not really an overclocker, just need something to power my pieces!
  6. Bayra said:
    I'm thinking for my purposes, the 620W will be more than enough. Not really an overclocker, just need something to power my pieces! <----- What's your budget ? You seemed to have went light on the vid card, and heavy on everything else.
  7. Between 1500-2000. I opted to up the video card (I didn't know I went light haha, thats why I'm a newb and I asked for help :D ). I decided to move toward the GTX 580.

    Sorry I didn't know that advice string was there either..
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