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I sold my old rig to start on a new fancy 3 monitor eyefinity setup. However I have not kept up too closely with stuff that has changed since my last build, so I figured I would come here and get some advice. I am wanting the eyefinity/gaming at high resolutions, to be the main focus of this build. Here is what I have currently selected:

Case: Corsair 600t
Powersupply: Corsair Modular 650w Professional Series
Motherboard: Asrock z68 Extreme4 Gen3 LGA 1155
CPU: i5 2500k
CPU Fan/Heatsink: Coolermaster V8
RAM: Kingston HyperX Grey Series 8gb (2 x 4gb)
Graphics Card: Sapphire Toxic 6950 2gb
HDDs: 750gb WD Caviar Black
60gb Corsair Force Series 3 SSD as a boot drive
Monitor- 3x 21.5 Acer S211HLbd LED monitors

How well do you think this rig would run ultra high resolutions for games?
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  1. I think that would probably manage most games on mid settings @ 5760x1080. What i would do though is try to get another HD 6950 2GB in there. Possibly get a cheaper hard drive and CPU cooler. Maybe lose the SSD. Either way i think youre going to need 2 of those to play at ultra high settings.
  2. Do you think the 650w corsair pro psu would handle the the two 6950s? The case and the psu are already purchased.
  3. And a single 6950 would not be able to run al ot of games with high settings with 5760x1080 resolution? That saddens me greatly.
  4. I think a decent 750W unit would handle them both and overclocking tbh. Don't HD 6950's eat less power than GTX 560Ti's? And people usually get 650-750W for 2 of those.
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    If your going 3 monitor setup here I would suggest doing 2- 580's or 2- 6970's. Yes it's a bit more but IMO if your going 3 monitor set up then armrest run all games at high to MAX settings. I'm in the car so I can't get you prices but the 580 is around $450ish each bur again... Much better gaming experience.

    Btw this will give you ultra settings :)
  6. Btw no mention of budget so not sure what were working with here.
  7. Its really an open budget. The more expensive the parts, the longer its going to take me to save money. At this point though, I think I may yield better progress in this build if I go with one big monitor at 1920x1200 rather than a 3 monitor eyefinity setup.
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