ATI 6xxx choices on new build. All other parts are purchased.

Hi all,

I've been gathering parts for my new gaming machine for the past 4-5 months. (been watching newegg for sales).

I'm down to my final decision, which graphics card?

My parts: ( all in hand except the monitor)
cpu: i5-2500k
cooler: Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Coole
mob: Asus P8P67 Deluxe (Rev. 3.0)
ps: Seasonic 850W
mem: 8GB G Skills Ripjaws X series DDR3(1600) (PC3 12800)
boot hd: OCZ 90gb Agility 2 SSD (boot drive)
case: Cooler Master 922 HAF computer case
drives: 2x 2TB Western Digital hard drives (Raid 1 for redundancy)
Monitors: Planning for 2 X (23" at 1920x1080) + (19" at 1280x800) will end up with 3 of the 23" at some point.

I built a similar computer for my son last year (pre Sandy bridge, no SSD), and I used a GigaByte 5870 video card.
His computer runs great, stays cool and looks great. Now I'm building my computer and am having problems deciding on which graphics card to use. Along with gaming (Battlefield, Crysis, Far Cry etc.), this computer will have an HDMI cable run to the back of my 55" rear projection TV to serve video.

I'd really like to stay with ATI, as the 5870 has been such a stellar performer for the last year.

If I go with a 6950 or 6970, will I see much difference between them and the 5870 on my sons computer?

The 6950 appears to be a powerful card, but for $50 more I can get the 6970.
I plan on doing a second card for CrossFire in the next year or so (when the price drops on the 6xxx series).
I imagine a dual 6970 setup would be the cats meow.

It's the last piece of my new system and I just can't decide.

Thanks in advance for any input you can give.

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  1. You're going to need either a crossfire setup or a single card with some serious cajones if you plan to run a triple screen setup like that and expect any decent performance. What is your budget?

    If you can only afford a single I would definitely go with a 2gb 6970 and add a second sooner rather than later. A single 6970 will probably struggle to play any of the mentioned games across 3 1080p monitors at any sort of decent settings though.
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    6970 is around 10-20% faster than 6950, which is 10% faster than 5870, also 2GB is a lot better on multiple screens than 1GB. If the difference is really only 50$ i say go for 6970 and add another one next year if you'll need.
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  4. Thank you both for your replies.

    I'm going to pick up a Saphire 6970. I currently only have 2 monitors, so can wait until I CF a second 6970 to get the 3rd monitor for Eyefinity.

    Thanks again,

    ps: When I look at my previous posts, my past questions are not there and it links me to a different AJ (
    That person is NOT me. Did a couple sites roll together and mess up the user linkages?
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