Buying choice: 1090T or FX 6100

Alright I had a clear choice of getting Phenom II 1090T but now FX 6100 has come out and it is priced EXACTLY the same and now am confused on which one to get.
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  1. I wouldn't purchase a new board for the 6100. But if the default voltage is lower than the 1090T, then the overclocking potential is probably higher.
  2. I'll take a Phenom II 1090T for now since it's a better chip, but maybe in the future with newer boards and bios updates FX will get better and better.
  3. if you alredy have an am3 board get the 1090 dont buy a new mobo for worse performance
  4. What are you talking about both 1090 and Fx are all AM3+ sockets ?? Dont need any new mobo for it, just bios update maybe if your model has been around a while. FX series does not use any new socket CPU set up at all.
  5. the 1090 is faster period. the FX chips are overpriced, underperforming, power sucking failures. No BIOS update or windows update will change FX chips performance. You do need an am3+ socket for the FX, the 1090 can run in an am3 board. SOME am3 boards have the correct socket and are compatable with the fx chips, not all. But as has been said, the 1090t is the faster CPU, it wont overclock as high, but it will still be faster at lower clocks. read the reviews and see for yourself.
  6. What is the purpose of the computer?
  7. All I know is I bought a 990fx board and waited for the new BD fx cpus and ended up buying a 1090t as the BD had no significant gains in processing speed and no savings in power use . The sabertooth board is nice , but my older 890 board is as good with the 1090 , hope they come out with a new cpu that can take advantage of the 990 board and is at least 25% faster and at least 10-15% less power hungry , if not the 990 board is a waste
  8. Lets see,,,,1090t + new power supply because 750 watts is not enough for FX890 + 4x2Gb PC1600 (PC1500 @ 1.5v because 1600 @ 1.65v puts to much load on the power suppy)+ 555be @ 4.2Ghz + 3hdd + hd 5750 +hd 6750 crossfired and overclocked also. Currently mem @ 1.5v, CPU @ 3.67 and GPUs @ 775 and 1175. Cant do 4.21 Ghz, PC 1600 and 855 and 1275 at the same time without 1000 watts.

    $160 + $160=

    or pull the 555be @ 3.67 or have 3 cores running at 3.6 + 3 more @ 3.8 when needed using the same amount of power. The 555 will do 4.2 with 2Gb of @ 1600 and 1 HD 5750 vid card at standard clock speeds and 1024 x 768 settings. Thats fine for playing popcap games and sucks for ubisoft. The xfire set up is fine for ubisoft and sucks for popcap

    $160 + $0=

    BTW a Athena 950 does 950-21% watts when plugged in to 220v and 750 watts-22% when plugged into 110v. I am plugged in to 110v.
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