CPU temperature too high but fan not running at max speed help!

I think I am having some problem with processor fan... it never runs on full speed event though my processor temperature is going so high. I am using HWMonitor (also speedfan) to record temperatures and my temperature readings in normal are as follows:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q2800:
Core # 0: 65 c
Core # 1: 60 c
Core # 2: 59 c
Core # 3: 59 c

But during high usage like while playing a game or something it hits around 80+, I tried cleaning the grill and fan and putting new thermal grease but didn’t help.

HWMonitor further says:


And from the above reading I am guessing that my fan is running on 50% always and I think it is because it looks slow... Not really making any sound and you can feel any air blowing out of it if you put your hand in front of it..

I tried speedfan by my motherboard isn’t supported…
By BIOS also doesn’t have any such option all it has is:
Advanced > Fan Control
o Processor Zone Response - Normal
o Processor Zone Damping – High
o Auto Fan Detection – Disable
o Fan Detection Error- Enable

My Specs are as follows:
Motherboard: Intel DG43NB [Version AAE34877-402]
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz [Socket 775 LGA]

Now I really want to know how to take my CPU temperature to normal again probably by making my fan to run at max speed, please help?
Thank you. :)
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  1. Are you using the stock CPU fan or a replacement? Is there a physical switch on the CPU fan that may be on the low setting? I recently installed a Silverstone CPU fan and there was a manual switch on it with a low/high setting. I hadn't considered it or even noticed it until I was reading a review for it afterwards.

    Also, not that it would make a difference, but why is Auto Fan Detection disabled? I would play with those settings under the Fan Control more trying different combinations.

    You may want to just invest the $20 or $30 and get a good replacement CPU heat sink/fan.
  2. The fan will run at it's max speed only once the temps cross the set threshold limits, those settings are usually in the BIOS and that too if you set it to go to 100%.
    60 to 65 isn't a very high temp and is fine at a 50% fan speed cooling. The temps after 70 should increase the fan speed to 80% and then 75 should be set to take it to 100%.
    Go thru the BIOS power options and let us know what are the settings available there for fan control.
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