Problems with 3rd display

Hello, I am trying to run all 3 of my displays (I have 3 Asus VW246H)
Catalyst only allows me to have 2 active at once.
I have 2 plugged into dvi and the 3rd into mdp with a dvi to mdp connector.
I'm running 2 6970s in crossfire.

Can anyone help me fix my 3rd display?


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  1. Is your mdp to dvi cable an active or passive adapter? It must be an active adapter to enable your third display.
  2. I don't know.
    It came with a 2010 macbookpro
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    It is most likely passive then in that case, which won't allow you to enable Eyefinity. You can grab an active adapter for about $25 from Newegg or Amazon, and that will allow you to get your third display up and running.
  4. Yes indeedy.
  5. Thanks man, just ordered it
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