RS780HVF combatible to Phenom II x4 850?

So a couple of years age ago i bought my shitty Acer 3201. It's mobo is "acer RS780HVF", and it has AMD 780G chipset.

Acer says that the mobo supports Phenom II x4, if it runs on 95 watts. So far so good for Phenom II x4 850, ofcource after upgrading a 440 W PSU.

The problem is that in the processor unit it reads, that the mobo is am2. Instead, CPU-Z says my mobo is am3, 938 pins.

Should I believe the text next to the processor (Athlon II 240) or CPU-Z? Is it am3 or am2?
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  1. It's am3 and should have ddr3 installed. DDR3 only works in an am3 board, except for one board made by asrock that has both ddr2 and ddr3 slots.
  2. Can anyone explain, why board says it's AM2 and software plus asus says it's AM3?
  3. If this is your board, then the board is am2+am3 that uses ddr2 only. The am3 is designed to recognize ddr2 or ddr3, depending on the motherboard.
  4. Thx! I'll buy a new prosessor and PSU.

    AMD PHENOM II X4 960T or Phenom II x4 850?
  5. I go for value and try some overclocking. But it's your money. Depends on what you use your pc for.
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