I5-2500K temps, suddenly running hot and I don't overclock.

My specs:
Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3
g.Skill ripjaw - DDR3

Now I don't overclock at all, don't know how to, don't care to (for now).

When my computer starts up and is idle, the temps run around 65C.
The minute I open my browser the CPU temps run and vary from 78-85C, kinda insane isn't it?
I'm wondering if it's not the thermal paste which I'm sure I did put on properly, or maybe something in my BIOS settings, which I'm not sure what should be set to where.

I'm considering reinstalling Windows 7 first, if not, then maybe installing my CPU cooler (Hyper212) and redoing that bit over?

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what could possibly be causing things to run so hot suddenly?

I did get a warning in the BIOS (checking to see if AHCI was enabled), that because of "overclocking things" in the system would be running different or something along those lines ---wish I took a shot of that to show it here.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You can reaply the thermal paste. Watch in bios the vcore not to be higher than 1.25 v.
  2. 1. Check the BIOS to see if you are on stock settings. It's possible you enabled an XMP memory profile, which can cause your CPU to overclock automatically in tandem with memory frequency. Reset BIOS to defaults.
    2. Check out the hardware monitoring section in BIOS- how are the temps there? Might be you're getting wrong readings in Windows.
    3. Check out auto fan control in BIOS. The CPU HSF fan might be forced to run on low speeds at all times.
    4. Yes, check if the HSF is seated properly on the CPU.
    Good luck, and let us know of any changes.
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