How can I upgade my total memory

how can I upgade my total memory
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  1. Generally, you would start with an adequate description of your system. Then you would ask a fully formed question, most likely in the correct section of the forum to deal with said inquiry. Even in the wrong section, we might be able to help you if you were to give a little bit of a description.
  2. Is it a desktop system, laptop, or netbook?

    How many memory slots does it have?

    How are they filled?

    What do you do with the PC?

    Once you know what kind and how much memory you want, it's a matter of gaining access to the memory, possibly removing the old memory, plugging the new memory in, and testing it.
  3. Go here and fill in the blanks
  4. As mentioned above you really need to get into a routine of telling more when asking questions like this but a basic answer without knowing your setup would be that you can simply add more of the same type of memory into an empty RAM slot, if all are full then you can replace say a 512mb stick with a 2gb one - again, make sure it's the same type of memory!
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