System gets restarted during power outages (UPS battery is fine workin


System gets restarted during power outages (UPS battery is fine working without any problem for the expected run time).

I am having 22" Viewsonic LCD, 250 GB hard disk, gigabyte motherboard, 2 DVD Writers, NVIDIA Graphics Card.

My system gets restarted when the power goes out (it happens 9 out of 10 times) OR when there is low voltage.

Here is the story; i bought the APC 500VA UPS; 2 years before; initially the UPS is working fine and sytem never got restarted for 1.5 years and then later started the problem.
So i informed the APC customer service; they repaced the UPS 2 times; still the same problem was there. So i thoguht the problem is with the UPS and bought the new Microtek Heritage Gold 625VA UPS.
Still I got the same problem; after fighting lot with the customer server (they complained that i am using 22 inch monitor that is the reason system gets restarted in case of power failure as the UPS could not handle the 22" LCD monitor).
And they suggested me to buy with the higher VA model; so they helped me exchange with the new 800VA Twin battery Microtek model. Still the problem is there.

I am really frustrated. What would be the problem?

But here is the surprising thing; when i gave my Microtek 625VA to service centre for checking up the UPS; they gave me stand by UPS temporarily 600VA Microtek bravo model.
That bravo model working fine without any issues; i used for 3 weeks and never the system got restarted (i informed the same to Microtek; they told me that the bravo model is without the Microprocessor).

Anyway after fighting lot with the microtek; they helped me to replace with the Microtek 800VA UPS(as microtek support suggested me to go for higher VA model to solve this problem). Still the same system restart problem is when the voltage drops or in case of power outages even

after the new Microtek 800VA twin battery model.

Please suggest the problem; is it with the UPS (whcih is highly unlikely as i tested 3 UPSs, all resulted in system restarts). So is it problem with the cabinet? or SMPS?

Please help.
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  1. If there is no power failure, your system works fine meaning that there is no issue with the power supply of system.
    You said service center gave you a stand-by UPS and there were no issues at all.
    To me it looks like that issue is only with UPS and only they could resolve it.
  2. I checked with the three new UPSs including APC company; all resulted in giving the same system restart problem. Now the UPS company says that there is no problem with the UPS; it much be down to the system.
  3. having same issue too, but what a i`ve notice is this have to be much with the motherboard, i had a micro atx and my pc was just running normally after a power outage, but now i have a ATX mobo and my pc restarts everytime there is a outage. dd
  4. 1.Unplug all the peripherals such as printer,speaker etc from the PC and connect only the pc to UPS.Then try

    2.If the problem persists, unplug monitor, then try

    3. If the problem persists, then it is with the UPS. It is unable the handle the load.In the UPS circuit, there is an over load protection circuit.This will prevent backup if the load is excess.

    4. Also check if the power connections from the SMPS intact or not

    5.Another problem is due to unwanted programmes like a Virus. Remove all the programmes which you dont use..from C. Transfer all the folders from desktop and C to other drives. Disable messenger,virus protection programmes.Then try again

    6. If you are using WindowsXP , go to control panel, select performance and maintenance,select Freeup space on your hard disc. Select the drives and clean it.This will increase the space in the hard disc by removing unnecessary things. Clean the hard drive once in a week..

    Also..formatting the system helped in my friend's case..

    Try these..must help..
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