Motherboard problem

I have installed a new ASUS motherboard, everytime I boot up, the boot device LED comes on, and the computer takes about 5 minutes to start.
I have checked the BIOS and everything seems normal.

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  1. Sorry, gonna need a list of system specs. Sounds like a hardware conflict or something not installed correctly.
  3. Is your boot devices a SSd drive?

    Is your boot device hooked up to a SATA 2 or a SATA 3 port?
  4. My boot device is a standard drive, hooked up to a SATA 2 port
  5. bigal4u said:

    Sorry again, but what is the model number of the ram you are using? What is the cpu model/box number - FX / Phenom II / Athlon II and which number like FX 8120 or AMD Phenom™ II X6 Processor 1075T. Things like that so we can check compatibility with each other. Video card, which make and model # are you using? Do you know what bios version you are running, what is it? Which sata hdd are you using and how old is it? Usually only matters if the drive is starting to fail, that's why I's asking about the age. Once it boots up can you do an error checking run on your hard drive? Might just be some bad sectors. If/when you do run it make sure you check the automatically fix and attempt to repair bad sectors check boxes - requires system reboot.

    If you've already done the installation and after the long boot time does everything work OK? Have you already installed the motherboard disk drivers? If not try that and do a reboot. Also, once it boots up can you go into computer management, Device Manager and make sure everything is installed correctly? Make sure there is nothing with a little yellow triangle beside it. The motherboard driver disk install should ensure that but in never hurts to check.
  6. Everything works after the long boot time, and the boot device LED goes out.
  7. OK, What about the rest of it???
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