AMD HD 6950 Troubles

So, I have had my computer up and running for a few weeks now and I love it, and just recently I really discovered a problem with what I believe is the graphics card. I have a AMD HD Radeon HiS 6950 2gb reference card. It is stock right now, I have not experimented at all with anything on it (Besides seeing how loud it is at 100% Fan speed :D) I will cut to the chase now.

I bought Metro 2033 yesterday and it runs great, I love it, but the first part when you go outside I looked up and to my bewilderment there was a UFO in the sky, but in all realism there were yellow triangles or squares all over the sky, and at first I thought it was some weird trick by the game or something, and I just now noticed it happens in 2 other games as well, Crysis and Crysis 2. In Crysis there are squares all the time floating around in the general HUD area, which doesn't bother me much but it is starting to get old, and in Crysis 2 it is barely noticible, you actually have to look for the squares but you can see them.

I have no clue what this means but I have a video of the issue happening in Metro 2033, If needed I will also upload extra videos to show the exact problem described.

EDIT: Fixed size of youtube embed, was too big.
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  1. Not enough information.

    What power supply do you have?

    What driver version are you using?

    What are your gpu temps while gaming?

    Did you properly uninstall your previous cards drivers?
  2. Sorry for not posting enough information, My PSU is a Kingwin 850Watt Gold and I think my driver for video card is, Catalyst 11.5.

    I'm a freak about low temps so I never have it up above 80C its usually around the 50's and 60's.
    No I did not uninstall any previous cards drivers because this is the first card I have with this rig.
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    Have you tried the card in another system? I'm inclined to believe there is an issue with the card, but it would be great to confirm it with another system to test it in.
  4. no I haven't I'm kind of alone on having a desktop all my friends got laptops I'm out of luck on that one haha
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